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Akiem Hicks Jersey

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There are several ways through which you can search a student property in Edinburgh. You can always look for advertisement in the local newspapers. Many private landlords use the local newspapers to find a tenant. Besides this you can use the services of a letting agent. He will show you all the listed properties and will also guide on the type of property you should look for. There are also student halls of residence.

Once you approve of a particular property Akiem Hicks Jersey , always arrange for its viewing.

Property viewing

This is the most important part of any renting process. You must not take it lightly and always go prepared. The place might end up as your home so it is important that you carefully examine and insect the interior and exterior of the property.

Taking someone with you on a property viewing is always a good idea. An extra pair of eyes will never hurt you. You can take a friend or someone from the family just for the sake of a second opinion. This will also be a good safety measure. Moreover, intimidating two people is not an easy task.

If you will be renting the property with a group of students and friends then it is advisable that you all go together. As in such a situation, it is important that everyone approves the place and reach an agreement.

Going prepared is equally important. Make a list of things that you need to ask and also make a checklist. You must never go without a pen and notebook. It is the responsibility of the landlord and the agent to answer all relevant questions and satisfy you. Taking a camera is always a good idea. You can take photos of the property. This will help you to think over things later.

Moreover, you should visit the area at different times and on different days to analyze the area, property Tarik Cohen Jersey , traffic situation, lights and security of the area.

You must also check the heating system of the property, all the radiators. Is the property well insulated? Check the wiring and the sockets to see if they are enough and they work properly. Look out for any signs of dampness in the house. Carefully examine the burglar alarm and the locks on windows and doors. Thieves particularly target student properties. Make sure that the property has a phone line and a broadband connection. Also check the fire alarms, safety equipment and the escape routes. Run water through all the showers and taps to check the water pressure. Ensure that there is enough storage for your stuff. Make sure that the tenant provides you a Gas Safety Certificate.
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